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Why detail my car, what is detailing?

The main purpose of a car detail is to restore and recondition a vehicle, protecting your investment and sometimes even increasing the value of it. Below we will outline some of the services often provided by detailers and explain what they are and their benefits.

Hand wash, car wash, protect paint, detailing,

Hand washing and drying 

Most paint imperfections are caused by improper washing techniques, or by touch-less carwashes.  Carwashes rely on heavy chemicals to loosen and remove dirt and crime. These chemicals also at the same time remove paint protection and sealants.  In the Sea to Sky Corridor we have hard water, this type of water leaves deposits called water spots on the paint and glass, if not dried properly.  Using a brush on paint often will lead to swirls or brush marks in the paint finish. 

Paint swirls, spider web, paint correction, polishing, compounding

Removing light scratches and paint swirls

Light scratches and paint swirls - mostly these are seen on horizontal surfaces such as the hood or trunk, often caused  by using a brush when washing.  These swirls are minor imperfections in the clear coat.  A detailer is able to remove them by polishing and then applying a sealant. 

Polishing, waxing, paint polishing , paint correction

Paint protection / polishing

Over time your paint will fade, have tree sap, water spot, oxidation, etc.  This in many cases can be corrected by machine polishing the paint and then applying a wax or synthetic sealer. Containments such as bird dropping or tree sap if left on the paint finish will eventually eat through the clear coat, requiring more extensive work to repair the finish. 

Clean engine, engine shampoo, detailed engine,

Engine detailing 

A dirty engine runs hotter than a clean one does, hotter engines wear quicker.  A clean engine is also quicker and easier to service, saving money.

Squamish detailing,Undercarriage wash, underbody wash

Undercarriage cleaning

The underside of your vehicle overtime accumulates oils, salt, road crime, etc.  This can cause premature wear and rust, reducing service life.  Cleaning of the undercarriage will help to prolong serve life and reduce maintenance costs.

Squamish detailing,,Clean wheel, wheel cleaning,

Wheel and tire cleaning

Brake dust, oils, solvents, salt, road crime, all build up on your tires and wheels, causing the tires to dry out and crack and the rims to show corrosion. Cleaning and dressing the tires will prolong service life and help to protect them. 

clean headlight, headlight polishing

Headlight polishing 

Modern headlight lenses are made from plastic, which after time fade, yellow and become dull reducing your visibility and ability to see. Sanding and then polishing them, enables detailers to restore the lenses back to original condition increasing your safety.   

Shampooing, steam cleaning,

Steam cleaning, shampooing.

Shampooing or steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery not only improves their appearance but also the heat of steam helps to kill bacteria, mold, etc. reducing health risks.

Interior detailing, Shampooing,

Interior detailing 

Interior detailing should include shampooing of carpets and upholstery, a complete cleaning of AC and heating vents, cleaning of your headliner, windows, door jams, leather cleaning and conditioning. Detailers require knowledge of chemicals and specialty tools for a complete detail that reaches into all the nooks of the vehicle.  Detailing your interior not only enhances the appearance but may also reduce health risks by removing mold spores, left over food particles, etc. 

Odour treatment, ozone treatment

Ozone treatment

Smoke, Pet, Food, Mold, etc., odours  can be eliminated in most cases with an ozone treatment. Ozone generators create O3, which disburses into the space being treated and attacks odour causing substances at their source, eliminating the odour.  This is a healthy way to eliminate them over using chemicals which in many cases only masks the odour. 

Undercoating, rust proofing, paint protection

Vehicle protection 

Protection services such as undercoating, rust proofing, fabric protection, and paint sealants all help to prolong the service life of a vehicle and maintain its value.  Many detailers will provide these services, often at much cheaper pricing then a car dealership.